Custom Maps for Lodging

It’s Like A 24/7 Personal Concierge For Your Guests!

It’s Like A 24/7 Personal Concierge For Your Guests!

Great for...

  • Hotels

  • Lodges

  • Villas

  • Bed & Breakfasts

  • Resorts

  • AirBnB rentals

  • Short term rentals

  • RV parks

  • VRBO rentals

The Magic Formula

Your Recommendations


HipMaps Innovative App



Guests See Their Location on Your Map


Read Your Comments About Each Place And Link To Websites



Get Directions


Your Thoughtful Gift Brings Joy to Your Guests & Saves Them Time!

What’s Included

  • Digital & Printable personalized map
  • Map highlights the places you choose
  • Designed in your branding colors & style
  • Unique access code in the HipMaps app
  • High-quality image for your welcome book or packet and to print on swag for gift or purchase

As Easy As 1-2-3

You Provide

  • Up to 30 locations with your comments for each
  • Your branding style and colors

Your List of Places



Your Style Palette

Your Style Palette_Lodging

We Create for You

  • Your custom-designed branded map


See It On Your Phone

See our short demo video to learn how your custom map works on your phone. Click the button to download the app, links and sample access codes.

Why not a Google Map?

You decide! We’ve cleared away all the clutter to show just the recommendations, resulting in a better map experience!

Drag the slider handle below on the image to compare a Google map to HipMaps custom map.


Good direction never goes out of style, it just gets cooler...

Good direction never goes out of style, it just gets cooler...

Client Testimonial

“The Clancy team of connectors loves to highlight back alleys and hidden gems of San Francisco for our guests and with HipMaps we have curated a unique variety of things to do, see, and experience during their stay. Guests love the secret spots they can unlock with HipMaps! It is so easy to use, just download the app and your next adventure links directly to your map app!”

~Erica, Local Liaison of The Clancy Hotel

How we build your custom lodging map


The Process for Custom Lodging Maps

Upon purchase…

  • You send us up to 30 locations that you want on your map, your comments about each place, the websites to link to, your app access code, and your branding style & colors
  • 3 weeks later we send you the first draft of your map & deploy it on the HipMaps app
  • We make any necessary tweaks
  • We send you your final map as image files

Earn great reviews – your guests will appreciate the convenience and thoughtfulness of your personalized map!

HipMaps for short term rentals, vacation rentals

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Nominated for 2022 Skift IDEA Award for Companies On The Rise

HipMaps was nominated for a team that is driving innovation in the Companies On The Rise category of the Skift IDEA Awards! We are honored to be among such amazing companies on this global stage, check out all the nominees here! Skift IDEA Awards is travel’s annual recognition of excellence in design, creativity, and innovation – honoring the brands and businesses pioneering the industry’s future.


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