If you are looking for a unique experience for your wedding guests, having a customized wedding map is a step in the right direction. A customized wedding map is a way to introduce your guests to the area where your wedding is taking place and give them plenty of options for fun spots to hang out or explore.

What exactly is a wedding map?

Whether you are getting married in your hometown or at a destination 1,000 miles away, you want your guests to feel at home. You also want them to have a good time and see what is so special about the location through your and your fiancé’s eyes. A wedding map helps you achieve this.

Wedding maps outline the specific area you and your guests are staying in that is filled with activities you and your fiancé enjoy and want to share with those attending your wedding. In addition to the actual wedding and reception locations, the places on the map can be as simple as restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and museums. They can also be day trips, hikes, vista points, and unique out-of-the-way attractions. Depending on the wedding location, it can even be the best spot for a day cruise or snorkeling adventure.

All of your unique spots are carefully plotted out on the map and printed for wedding welcome bags, on a brochure, tote bag, or invitation for your wedding guests. It can be added to your wedding album and framed. Having a wedding map will surely set you apart from other weddings and lets your guests know that you care about them as much as they care about you and your fiancé.

Top 10 Wedding Map Creators

HipMaps creates custom wedding maps for any destination worldwide. They are the only creator with a free smartphone app where your guests can see exactly where they are located, right on your custom map. Picture your little blue dot on Google Maps, only it is on your personalized map! Guests can even get directions to the locations on your map, so you can scratch worrying about them reaching your wedding site on time off of your list! The beautiful thing about HipMaps is that the styles & colors are limitless so they are designed in whatever style you desire – each one is 100% uniquely yours. Once your map is done, you can post it on your wedding website, print it on just about anything for your guests to enjoy, and share your HipMaps app access code with anyone who wants to view their location on your map.

HipMaps print and digital wedding maps

Jessica Marie creates gorgeous hand painted watercolor maps. Pick a city and your favorite locations, and she will design a custom watercolor masterpiece that will be sure to have your guests talking. You can add locations like shops, parks, restaurants, museums, even your wedding venue. You can pick the size of your print. Choose from an 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″, or a 16″ x 20″.

Simply Jessica Marie Map

Laura Hooper Calligraphy has a few different options for ordering your wedding map. You can completely customize the map with you providing your city, wedding date, names, and all of your favorite spots for your wedding weekend. There is also a semi-custom option that personalizes your names, date, and city with up to five editable locations. If you are looking for something a little more standard, Laura Hooper Calligraphy also offers standard maps. Choose a city from their current library, and they will add in your names, date, and wedding venue. The prints can be sent along with your wedding invitation so your guests will get a sneak peek at where your special day will be held.

laura Hooper

Feathered Heart Prints makes custom invitations for your wedding. These custom invitations are made with love and care. They will show your guests just how important this day is for you and your partner. It’s also a special showing of your love for one another. One of the customizations you can choose is adding a custom wedding map to your invitation, so each guest will have a map of your location with favorite local spots on it to enjoy. If you already have your invitation crossed off, you can just have the map done.

Feathered Heart Prints

CW Designs has over 20 years of experience in graphic design that goes into crafting the perfect wedding map for your special day. Include your venue, times and dates, and some places to visit. Place the map in with the invitation, or you can even turn the map into your invitation for a unique combination.

CW designs map

Bohemian Mint has turned their childhood obsession with maps into detailed, lovely creations. Showcase your favorite spots on the map no matter where in the world your wedding is. If you are getting married in Italy, you can add your favorite vineyard or cafe. Similarly, you can put your favorite secluded beach spot or even a boardwalk if you are by a coastal location. The map can be used as a save the date, placed in the invitation, or printed out on a larger scale, and placed in a frame.

Bohemian Mint map

Papercake makes invitations that can include your custom wedding map design, or they can be an itinerary, so all your guests know exactly where to be and when. With a map in hand, no guest will miss out on any of your planned activities!

papercake designs map

Compass Rose Studio creates custom wedding maps for your location. Choose from a variety of general locations, and you can customize your exact wedding spot from there. Let them know when your wedding date is, and they can print 30 or more wedding maps to include in your invitation or use as your save the date. You also have the option to make an itinerary map or use the map itself as your wedding invitation. The beautifully illustrated pieces also make for thoughtful gifts!

Compass Rose map

Mospens Studio crafts watercolor maps of a selection of cities. Each map is an original art design by Michelle Mospens, each one more beautiful than the other. They make a lovely addition to your invitation suite or a one-of-a-kind save-the-date, perfect for destination weddings. Take a look at her website to see which locations she has available.

Mospens map

Lana Dreams will create your custom wedding map to be used as a save the date or as an insert in your wedding invitation. The maps are hand-painted with custom locations. They will put your wedding location, any local landmarks, and your favorite spots. It takes about five weeks for the map to be created, and you will get to examine a proof and adjust as needed.

Lana Dreams map Design

What information should be on a wedding map?

Your custom wedding map can have almost anything you want on it. However, there are a few key pieces that every map should include. When working with your wedding map designer, be sure to include:

  • Wedding ceremony and reception venues
  • Hotel Locations (especially if you have room blocks reserved)
  • Airports
  • Major roadways
  • Any major geographical points of interest
  • Anything and everything special to you and your fiancé

Wedding maps are helpful, but they are also personal. So be sure to add any sentimental spots like where you were engaged if it’s in the same town, and your favorite hangouts as a couple. Your guests will treasure this view of the area through your eyes. If you are having a destination wedding and are not familiar with the area, ask your vendors for their recommendations. By looking at the map and traveling to the locations, they will fall in love with it just like you two did!

Final Thoughts

Wedding maps are a beautiful way to include your guests in your wedding. Whether they are local or out-of-town guests, wedding maps give them a chance to experience the area through you and your partner’s eyes, share in your wonder and love, and have a wonderful experience.

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