Custom Winery & Vineyard Maps

Stand out with an onsite or web-based branded map highlighting the locations where your grapes are grown

Stand out with an onsite or web-based branded map highlighting the locations where your grapes are grown

Winery-Vineyard AVA old style map

Click any map to view “flat” in lightbox mode.


Enhance Your Customers’ Experiences

  • Provide a lovely & informative visual
  • Connect with your customers
  • Give your tasting room team a great tool to engage with customers
  • Take your branded visuals to the next level
  • Map is 100% customized to your content, show them what’s important to your wine – elevation, aspect, vine age, AVA
  • Improve customers’ memory retention of your wine with a visual aid to increase sales
Winery-Vineyard AVA 3D map

Click to view “flat” in lightbox mode. 2D map (below) or 3D map (above) options shown.

Winery-Vineyard AVA 2D map


Map Applications

  • Tasting room
  • Virtual tastings
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Wine club
  • Print map on schwag for sale and/or as gifts to best customers
  • Turn map into a jigsaw puzzle for sale and/or gift
  • DTT presentations
  • Sales ride-alongs
Vineyard AVA Blue Map


Choose Map Features

  • Select the map features that correspond with your viewers’ needs.
  • Show customers where your wine is grown.
  • Denote grape variety, block yields, growing conditions.
  • Show proximity to well-known or historic vineyards.
  • Help your vineyard staff understand differences between blocks and where to find key equipment on site.
Places List Winery Map

Vineyard Management

Vineyard Management Map

Ensure Your Team Has What They Need

  • Include important block & infrastructure information
  • Your team can see where they are located right on your map using our free smartphone app
  • Maps can also be printed & laminated
Vineyard Infrastructure Map with Phone


See It On Your Phone

See our short demo video to learn how your custom map works on your phone. Click the button to download the app, links and access codes.

Why not a Google Map?

You decide! We’ve cleared away all the clutter to show just the recommendations, resulting in a better map experience!

Drag the slider handle below on the image to compare a Google map to HipMaps custom map.


Good direction never goes out of style, it just gets cooler...

Good direction never goes out of style, it just gets cooler...

Client Testimonial

“Rachel was a pleasure to work with on our new map project. As a winery with a lot of vineyard locations, I was cautious to start from scratch. Rachel made the task to create new winery collateral approachable, fun, and much easier than expected. Not only did the map turn out accurate (despite my many revisions) it’s beautiful and functional. It’s rare to meet someone like Rachel who not only has passion for their work but also takes feedback with grace, humility, and well, a proficiency that, to no surprise, may be the best in the biz.”

-Jana, Williams Selyem

Let’s show your customers what is important to your wines and give them a lovely branded visual to go with the story of your wines!

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